Use-cases of Conversational AI in eCommerce

An added bonus to leveraging AI chatbots in these scenarios is that they are available all day, every day, so consumers can seek answers and have no need to wait for answers. Conversational commerce streamlines the process of digital commerce, replacing part or all of it with natural, real-time communication conversational ecommerce between customers and brands. Instead of hunting around a website for information, consumers can simply open a messaging app and ask for the product they want or even place their order. Such direct interactions can make every aspect of online commerce simpler, easier, and more convenient.

To set up an AI chatbot for any website, it is important to make the chatbot persona engaging. By understanding the demographics of the customers, an online business owner can build an effective AI chatbot persona. AI is Artificial Intelligence, a technique that uses neural networks to learn behaviors and improve and evolve, similar to natural intelligence. E-commerce business is escalating sales through conversational commerce and AI chatbots. Traditional sales in the e-commerce industry will create surveys and provide request forms to customers to understand their preferences.

Providing Positive Pre- and Post-sale Experience

Integrate your product feed, design a guided shopping journey and personalize product recommendations from your catalogue in chat. Conversational AI makes it easy for online shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for, fast. The consumer simply needs to ask, using their own words, and the chatbot provides accurate, quick answers, assisting them with effortless online purchases. Furthermore, conversational data can be used to provide personalized recommendations and create better shopping experiences and increased loyalty. The key advantage of c-commerce is that it lets businesses offer a more personalized and seamless shopping experience. The customer can choose the color and size, ask questions on the spot, discuss the delivery, and pay for it — all within a single conversation.

Split-test customer journeys and optimize your conversions with conversation analytics. Dynamically integrate product feeds to personalize recommendations in chat. Conversational marketing insights to help you connect better with your customers.

Conversation Commerce Helps You Overcome Future eCommerce Challenges

As stated above, AI chatbots learn from previous conversations and respond accordingly. Contextual awareness allows AI chatbots to learn from the conversations and send answers related to the users’ preferences. When we talk about conversational AI chatbots and personalized suggestions, a few questions about personalized conversations might pop up inside the readers’ minds. A conversational AI chatbot is also a good product consulting agent in e-commerce sales. Natural Language Processing is one of the technologies in AI chatbots that helps the machine understand human language.

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In other words, it gives a human touch to an ecommerce website by making customers feel appreciated and cared for. One of the challenges in the customer journey that … Read More